diskurs explores ° Young european artists are given space to present experimental approaches and to research. Theory and practice become connected, structures are developed that encourage cooperation and communication.

Diskurs connects ° diskurs supports conversation between the different disciplines of education and asks, by reflection upon ones own work and the work of others, for strategy ° impulse ° and a sense of artistic production.

diskurs 04 looks for HOPE ° diskurs 04 sets HOPE against high social and financial pressure. HOPE can be an attitude or subject of examination in art works presented within the framework of the festival.

diskurs 04 derives the term HOPE from different perspectives, in its different dimensions, using different media, or sets out for new places.

HOPE as political motivational power ° HOPE as private ego-trip ° HOPE as religious search for sense ° HOPE as substitute for god ° HOPE as ticket to Utopia ° HOPE as alternative ° HOPE as instrument for making stagnation bearable ° HOPE as opiate for the people ° HOPE as impulse to artistic work

Work and never say die!

Yours diskurs 04