Das Ende von Amerika
Maximilian Marcoll, Hannes Gallette Seidl


Wednesday 13th ° 10.00 pm °subsequent to Erin Gee - Mouthpiece

Thursday 14th ° 10.00 pm °subsequent to Erin Gee - Mouthpiece


dis.playce is the collaboration between Maximilian Marcoll and Hannes Galette Seidl.

Their setup consists of Powerbooks and small electronic component parts (like piezos and spools). These parts are used to transduce electromagnetic fields (e.g. of cd-players, computers) into audible waves.

The two musicians will develop a concept with certain formal sections and predefined sounds on the basis of Franz Kafkas unfinished novel "Der Verschollene" ("America"), and improvise on that basis. This method allows acting spontaneously despite having some strong compositional elements in the music, like complex formal relations and sudden changes.

"Der Verschollene" belongs to a group of 19th century novels describing America as a country of unlimited opportunities. At the same time it preludes the endpoint of this series as Kafka questions the illusion of Island Utopia and oppose the return of the suppressed: to flee from your own life gets impossible.

Maximilian Marcoll, born in 1981 in Luebeck, Germany, studied percussion in the institute for school accompanying musical education at the Academy of Music Luebeck from 1992 to 1997. From 1997 - 2001 he studied composition at the Folkwang-Hochschule Essen. He won the price of the nation-wide competition Schueler komponieren (composition) four times. Performances as Laptop-musician, drummer and conductor. Several performances.

Hannes Galette Seidl, born 1977, studied composition at the Folkwang-Hochschule Essen from 1998-2003. Since 2003 he studies in the post-graduated course for composition with Beat Furrer and Nic. A. Hubner in Graz, Austria within the scholarship of DAAD. He gave several national and international performances. He held scholarship of Akademie der Künste Berlin 2002 / 2003, Darmstädter Ferienkurse für Neue Musik and award winner of Impulse 05.
Hannes Seidl lives in Frankfurt as independent composer.

Marcoll and Seidl founded dis.playce in 2002 and gave several performances since then.