Great Britain

Wednesday 13th ° 3.00 - 6.00 pm

Friday 15th ° 1.00 - 4.00 pm

Bahnhof ° Seltersweg

"A deluded woman enclosed in a box
Two tongued she shies away
Escaping into the dark corners
Existing within the routine and reality she has created
Existing in her box."

Box explores the question, what the minimum amount of space needed for a performance would be; they discover this space in a box.

Box is an extreme versatile and playful performative installation with a single performer, installed in transitional public spaces like foyers, forecourts, train stations, and shopping centres.

Box is a display of life, of survival, of hope, experienced in complete darkness, with no access to the outside. Via improvisation and reaction to her "visitors" the performer is free to develop her tasks, stories, and routines in the hope that one day she may discover enough courage to face the outside. Simultaneously, the audience is given the opportunity to influence, interact, and openly question the situation it is confronted with, hoping it will begin to compare life inside and outside the box and relate themselves to the piece.

elusivecamelproductions is a partnership between its co-artistic directors Ian Abbott and Tracey McGarrigan and is based in Ashburton, Devon, UK.
elusivecamelproductions are obsessed with the amount of space in which they inhabit, work in, discard and ignore. They are in constant exploration of how they can use and transform the existing spaces around themto tell new stories and communicate their ideas.