Not a Hope in GHAOS
A project of Reactor

Great Britain

Saturday, 16th °
7.00 pm
IBP Halle

For one night only the Hollywood spotlight shines on diskurs 04 as Reactor land in Giessen to continue their world-wide search...

Prepare yourselves to step onto the red carpet, bask in the light of a hundred flash bulbs and bathe in the reflected glory of the rich and famous.
As Pandora opens her box to reveal the horrors within, take Hope in the salvation of the greatest entertainer that the world has ever seen.

Only with your help can all the diseases, sorrows, vices and crimes that afflict humanity be overcome. Join the Troops and fight for a place in showbiz history, because only one of you can truly be the "Best GHAOS Actor".

Reactor is a Nottingham based collective who work collaboratively on a variety of events and projects. Since its inception the group have instigated a plethora of unique projects, making us consider alternative venues alongside conventional galleries, and building up a wave of reaction as a result. Offering events that parody the social cliché of the art launch event and challenge the 'new art rules'.

They have collaborated with numerous artists and partner with projects such as Toy and Dismantle at the Angel Row Gallery and GHAOS Starts Here as part of the NOW Festival. These events have created all-encompassing environments, through a process now termed GHAOS, which sees the group experimenting with its own collective practice and situating it in new contexts, providing the opportunity to create playful and exciting works in response to unfamiliar environment and methods.