names, no names
Chris Richter


Wednesday, 13th ° 1.00 - 3.00 pm

Thursday, 14th ° 1.00 - 3.00 pm

Saturday, 16th ° 5.00 - 7.00 pm


The video installation names, no names views the problem of "presenting oneself" in front of a camera, respectively in front of a virtual spectator. Persons appearing in the video projection are in a special situation: they are expecting to be portrayed, what is finally realised in a video sequence, and see themselves confronted with the image promoted of themselves.

The longer they look into the camera, the more their self-presentation recedes into the background and an intimate moment seems to develop. The protagonists are captured in their unprotectedness by the camera but they are never exhibited disrespectfully.

Chris Richter (1973) ended an education as photographer and works since then with Wilfred Petzi in Munich. At the same time he studies at University for the Arts, Kassel since 1999 with bei Prof. Bernhard Prinz and Prof. Bjørn Melhus.
one person and group exhibitions (a choice):
2004: interventions at government-presidium in Kassel; Kurze Nacht - Museum Wiesbaden; 14. International Videofestival - Bochum; tour-price for names, no names - Kunsthochschule Kassel;
2005: Schaufenstergalerie - Kunsthalle Reklinghausen; Künstlerhaus Göttingen; Kulturbahnhof Kasel; Klasse Prinz in Murhardsche Bibliothek - Kassel