Melanie Mohren and Bernhard Herbordt
with Martin Fernandez, Max Landgrebe, Katja Praznik


Saturday, 16th °
3.00 pm

How could, yet they are not flying but falling, potato beetles from Colorado befall fields in Eastern and Western Europe?

Participants of Patent: Night Flight determine that and other questions starting from one of the oldest dramaturgies of freedom, flight and their failure - the myth of Ikarus and his inventing father Daedalus: an artist in the role of an inventor, an actor in the role of an actor, a philosopher in the role of an observer. They all act as protagonists and fitters of myth - production, they are always retyping history and stories with the means of their real profession.

How can the short moment, when fall seems possible for the first time, become big theatre? What is the sound of falling potato beetles? How do they take part in the theatre of neoliberal ideals and utopia? What is necessary to continue with a sure-of-victory-smile despite oncoming fall? What is the sound of the implosion of history and memory?

In short lectures and scenic case studies first sketches and results of research for Patent: Night Flight (premiere: Dec 8th 2004 at Mousonturm, Frankfurt) should be presented and discussed.

Melanie Mohren (1979) and Bernhard Herbordt (1978) study at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies, Giessen since 1998. Since 1999 they are working together for interdisciplinary projects, installations, works for broadcast, theatre and Site-Specific-Environments.
Projects, among others:
2000 Looking for a small story, radio play, that won NRW-Hörspielpreis in 2001, performances among others Akademie der Künste Berlin, Filmmuseum Düsseldorf, Filmhaus Köln, Loge Winterthur.
2001 world in a box - Audiotheater für zwei Zuschauer (Audio theatre for two spectators), performances among others at diskurs Giessen, Hamburger Kammerspiele, UniDram Potsdam, Mousonturm Frankfurt, ITs Festival Amsterdam.
In February 2004 they were guests at Berliner Zimmer des Hebbel am Ufer Berlin. State of work of stage projects Kapital N.N. and Patent: Night Flight was presented there. Performance of Kapital N.N. at Hessische Theatertage, Giessen, in July 2004.
Currently they are working for their diploma production Patent: Night Flight.

Sponsored by Giessener Hochschulgesellschaft.