Presto legato
A project of NONcompany


Wednesday, 13th °
5.00 pm and 8.00 pm

Presto legato is a lecture performance about different aspects of time. The text consists of fragments of observations, memories, thoughts and ideas of a generation that is taking over the space of their parents.

In the performance the company tries to find out something about themselves - looking forward and backward - by text, music and visual effects.
In the auditory plane landscapes and atmospheres are created. The mostly electronic music becomes an instrument, by what can be played with individual sense of time. Also various visual elements express different kinds of sense of time.

The text, written by philosopher Rune Salomonson, writer Fanny Holmin and Lise Risom Olsen from NONcompany is adapted and put together by NONcompany.

The young Norwegian theatre company consists of a regular ensemble that works together with new artists, depending on the specific project.
This method allows developing a dynamic interdisciplinary company which continually explores new artistic functions.

Lise Risom Olsen, actress, is artistic director in NONcompany. She also works freelance as an actress, instructor, and theatre technician.
Øyvind Rødset, musician/ performer, is musician and handyman in NONcompany. He plays saxophone in some bands and is also freelancing as a musician.
Lena Buchacz, setdesign/ video/ performer, attends the Academy of Art in Bergen for spatial design, interior architecture and furniture design. She makes décor and stage design for clubs and concerts.
Kjetil Bjøreid Aabø, sound design/ performer, composes electronical music under the name io. He works as sound technician for some bands.
Hans Skogen, Light design/ video/ performer, works as freelance lightning designer and theatre technician. He has been touring with some bands.
Tone Myklatun, producer, educated as stage manager at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (London). She works at the office at Bergen International Theatre Teatergarasjen.