Seitenwechsel. Standbild mit Randbemerkungen. (discours définitif)
Auftrag : Lorey


Saturday, 16th °
10.00 pm
IBP Halle

The Stage is aglittered with bright lights, mainly because everything focussing it remains in the darkness.

The critic has the final say. But where from does he speak and in which role? Does he speak as judge or lawyer, wiseacre or co-author, does he represent the audience or just himself? And where is the position of the female critic?

Seitenwechsel. Standbild mit Randbemerkungen starts at the point, where usually the curtain is falling.

Last of all Stefanie Lorey and Bjoern Auftrag will offer to 23 theatre critics 153 seconds of freedom to tell once - in the intimacy of the stage - what they never risk to write in the public of print media. The desk lamp, shining on the empty paper, becomes the spotlight for an unknown being.

Bjoern Auftrag and Stefanie Lorey met at the Institute of Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen. Next to projects with other people they have worked together since then. The starting point of their work is the question how found or investigated material changes in the moment and under the rules of its presentation resp. reconstruction.

Their projects were shown among others at Hessische Theatertage in Kassel 2002 and Giessen 2004, Theater der Welt in Duisburg 2002. Their last production Standbild mit Randexistenzen was presented at HAU Berlin and Mousonturm Frankfurt in 2004.