Patricia Portela °
with Christoph de Boeck, Patricia Bateira and Helena Serra


Tuesday, 12th °
6.00 pm and 9.00 pm
IBP Halle

"WasteBand is like when we are seated in a movie-theatre, when the lights have just gone out but the commercials haven't started yet nor have the curtains unveiled the screen - it is on that very moment, between the confusion of sitting down and the almost silence before the film, when anything is possible and there's a chance we might see the best film of our lives."

WasteBand is a virtual performance for one astronaut/salesman, one musician and one power point, where performers and spectators seat together around a table where vertical images are being projected. Based on the coincidental fact that both a Chinese ritual and scientific theories prove that the moon will fall on a beach full of frogs on the exact date we perform.

Following the anxieties of Sergei Krikalev at the Mir while waiting to be brought back to Earth, this is a performance about waiting, wishing, and wasting.

Patricia Portela (1974)
Background in set and costume design studies in the Faculty of theatre and film of Lisbon, MA of Arts in Scenography by the Faculty of Theatre in Utrecht and Central St. Martins College of Art, European Film College in Denmark.
Works since 1994 for several independent theatre and dance companies, mainly as a costume designer or dramaturge, and as a decorator for several short films.
Has written and coordinated several performances such as operação cardume rosa, 1998; T5 (Prize teatro na década), 1999 or Lan Tao, 2000; Odilia, 2002; oogopslag, 2003. Since Wasteband 2003 (Prize Reposição Teatro na Década e Special mention Prize Acarte/Gulbenkian for performing arts) the main focus is on the relationship between time and space, virtuality and reality in performance arts and daily life through text and the use of technology on stage.