White Out
Andros Zinsbrowne


Thursday 14th ° 9.00 pm
Friday 15th ° 9.00 pm

Andros Zinsbrowne engages in White Out with the construction of race and its contextualisation. He examines the "black" body, via "black" movements.

His basic material is the stereotype of "the black man", the basketball player, from which transformation into other figures begins.

The basketball player is permanently oscillating between offence and defence, he is aggressor and victim, transforms from athlete to criminal, from servant to champion, from performer to ape.

How can significations be twisted in a way to make them reveal something of the absurdity of these positions and roles?
What does the image itself offer? What are its implications which are at the same time true, in such a way that they have produced and reproduced truths to be consumed and perpetuated.

By re-using these images, Andros Zinsbrowne neither allows them to be a mere product of a racist but bygone authority, nor to assume that we do not participate in their continuation. This strategy offers the possibility of a direct involvement in the meanings of these images and the ways in which they are produced.

Andros Zinsbrowne (US) began his dance study in classical ballet at the Joffrey Ballet School at the age of seven. He started to make performance pieces and choreography in High School. In 2002 he graduated from Brown University with a B.A. in Art Semiotics, after taking a year off to make several pieces and study dance technique at Merce Cunningham and Trisha Brown studios.
He is currently a student at PARTS (Performing Arts Research and Training Studios) in Brussels, Belgium where he has made three pieces, working in a way which attempts to present both physicality and criticism, seamlessly. His solo White Out (2004) is his first piece to be presented internationally in festivals in Brussels, Amsterdam, Bilbao, and Frankfurt.