July, 5th 2004

Dr. Thomas E. Schmidt
feature pages of the German weekly newspaper "Die Zeit"

Can we hope for art?
Thoughts after the end of utopia.

www.zeit.de (german)

CV ° Thomas E. Schmidt, born in 1959, studied philosophy and literature in Munich, Hamburg and Florence. After his PhD he worked in the editorial department for culture at "ZDF" (the second public German TV station) in Mainz, was editor for literature at "Frankfurter Rundschau" (a major German daily newspaper), and was head of the feature pages of "Die Welt" (also a major German daily). Since 2001, he is substitutional head of the feature pages of "Die Zeit" (German weekly newspaper).

Abstract ° "Art is shock, pain, denial. Expectations of an art founding state have to be disappointed by art. Art does not serve the society but only itself."
[Thomas E. Schmidt, "Mit der Rasierklinge ins Auge" ("Razor blade into the eye"), DIE ZEIT, February, 12th 2004, see "Material"].

Material (.pdf, german)