The guidance of the laboratory within Giessen will be taken by Bojana Kunst from Ljubljana who is underlining her practical art work with a theoretical approach.
Together with Bojana Kunst seven young artists and representatives of other occupation will have the chance to examine the subject intensively for one week. Applications can be made from artists all around Europe.
It is important that all members are equally integrated to ensure work based on collective experience, not on an imposed idea or exact work plan.

This process wants to support and strengthen international exchange in both cultural and artistic ways and will introduce new working mentalities and possibilities to build up new connections and networks.

The work should be focused on a site-specific approach to HOPE. This means Giessen, its character, life style, history and secrets should be of special interest to the group. The search for places, stories and people is the main task of the WORK IN team. Their specialisation is decided within the group.

Idealistically participants will work on the fine line separating performing art from fine art, including a theoretical approach with the subject HOPE. The main focus will be set by the participants.