Closing date for WORK OUT is July 31st 04!
Download the announcement here.


The idea of a travelling laboratory supports and strengthens the corporation of several theatre and art academies of Hessen/Germany. With the possibility to experience different educational concepts a special knowledge can be created and exchanged. Newly gained discoveries coming from different mentalities can be very fruitful, leading to new qualities for own future projects.

The artist Emil Hrvatin will be responsible for the leading part of WORK OUT.

Emil Hrvatin, an assistant and seven participants will be starting in Giessen, where they will be returning to, after finishing off their project within eight days. On their journey they should site- specifically interact with the topic of HOPE.
An exchange between participants and Emil Hrvatin beforehand the start of the laboratory, will give the opportunity to organize their trip in advance and discuss about possible subjects. Hereby it is important that each member is equally integrated in the process to guarantee a collective experience instead of an imposed working plan. Idealistically the participants work on the fine line, separating performing art from fine art. A theoretical approach towards the topic should be included. Each group can individually decide what feature to focus on.